Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Fort Whipple Museum, Prescott, Arizona

By Weldon Whipple

Last week we visited the Grand Canyon (south rim) and nearby Sedona, Arizona, primarily to hike. Noting that Prescott is fairly close to Sedona, two of us drove to Prescott in search of Fort Whipple, named for Amiel Weeks Whipple

The first mobile mapping app we used got us to Prescott, but in a part of town with significant road construction. When we asked a flagman about Fort Whipple, he directed us to drive to the "nearby" Veteran's Administration Hospital. It took us only 5–10 minutes to locate the hospital. We finally located the Fort Whipple Museum inside the VA Hospital grounds.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Our Visit to St. Mary's Church, Bocking, England

By Weldon Whipple

As I was going through some old photos yesterday, I found a few that I took while visiting my daughter in England in August 2005. At the time I had realized that I am not a descendant of the Bocking/Ipswich Whipples, so I wasn't particularly motivated to go see Bocking. Having a spare day, we decided to look for Bocking and St. Mary's Church. (I am the Whipple Website's Webmaster, after all, and I had already decided to accept all Whipples in the Whipple Genweb.)

Note: Back in 1997—when I started the Whipple Website—I thought I was related to both Whipple families through a Josiah Chamberlain (descended from the Ipswich Mary Whipple who married Simon Stone). An email from a Chamberlain, followed by my own research, convinced me that there were two Josiah Chamberlains living in close proximity in Massachusetts. I already had so many Ipswich Whipples in the database that I just decided to leave them and accept more.
Note 2: Since August 2005, my mother-in-law discovered that she is a descendant of the above-mentioned Mary Whipple of Ipswich, Massachusetts. ... So my wife is an Ipswich Whipple, and the daughter that I was visiting in England is a descendant of both Whipple families.

I'll cut to the chase and get going with the travelog.  Starting at the Royal Air Force base in Lakenheath (northeast of Cambridge), we headed south and got on the A11 expressway, which became the M11 expressway and continued to its intersection with the east-west A120 expressway. (Bishop's Stortford is on the west of that intersection; London's Stansted Airport is on the east.) We drove east on the A120 to Braintree, then to north to Bocking. We knew we had arrived when we saw this:

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Seeking the Origins of Captain John Whipple of Dorchester MA/Providence RI

SUMMARY: This post explores the possibility that young John Whipple of Dorchester, Massachusetts, and (later) Providence, Rhode Island, might be the same person as John Whaples, who was baptized on 13 Dec 1618 at St. Mary and St. Lawrence Church in Great Waltham, Essex, England. (Great Waltham is about 10 miles — a 21-minute drive by car — from Bocking, Essex, England.)

tl;dr (too long, don't read) version follows:

Descendants of Captain John Whipple have wondered in vain who the teenage John Whipple that arrived in Dorchester, Massachusetts, aboard the Lyon in 1632 might be.

Last week I received several emails from Dr. Al Church of Washington DC, regarding a baptismal entry for a John Whaples that he found while looking for records in the Essex (UK) Archive. The entry is for a John Whaples, baptized 13 December 1618 in the St. Mary & St. Lawrence Church in Great Waltham:

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Battery Amiel Whipple on Fort Standish, Lovell's Island, Plymouth County, Massachusetts

Recently Mark Whipple sent an email with two links to pages about locations in Boston Harbor. One of the links describes Battery Amiel Whipple, located on Lovell's Island. (See Amiel's page in the Whipple Website for more information about Major General Amiel Weeks Whipple. He died from wounds received May 4, 1873 at the Battle of Chancellorsville, Virginia.)

The first link traces the history of Battery Whipple from 1890 until 1947. The second link is to a Boston Globe Article about a quarantine station on Gallops Island in Boston Harbor. The article doesn't mention Amiel Weeks Whipple by name, and makes only a passing reference to cannons being mounted there.

Mark used Google Maps to determine that Battery Whipple on Lovell's Island and the quarantine station on Gallops Island are the same place geographically.

We can now add Battery Whipple to the list of places named after Amiel Weeks Whipple. (See his page on the Whipple Website for other locations.)

Amiel Weeks Whipple is in the Whipple Genweb.