Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Recent Changes to the Whipple Website

During the past month I've made at least three modifications to the Whipple Website that might warrant mentioning.

Gravestone database

During January and February I experienced a deluge of gravestone photos in my inbox--so many that I was unable to readily identify incoming email about new Whipples, connections, dates, places, connections, etc. I decided that it might be time for a change.

Noticing that iWhipple.org has sections for Cemeteries and Headstones, I began to explore the feasibility of moving the Gravestone Database previously at whipple.org/graves to iWhipple.org. Not only was it feasible, but is is now a "done deal." The former whipple.org/graves now redirects to the Cemeteries page at iWhipple.org.

Within the next month I might authorize select individuals to post gravestone photos at iWhipple.org. (On the other hand, maybe we shouldn't compete with Find a Grave?)

Search tweaks

I've received feedback that many prefer iWhipple.org to genweb.whipple.org, including the search capabilities. About two weeks ago I modified the http://genweb.whipple.org/search.html search results list to include links to iWhipple.org as well as genweb.whipple.org.

We'll see where this all leads.

Reunions site

During the past 16 years--ever since the 1999 Ipswich Whipple reunion--photos of reunions have appeared in a variety of places on the Whipple Website: first in the directories beneath http://whipple.org/reunions, later in the photo gallery, still later in the Whipple Blog. It has gotten to the point where I'm unsure what to do when someone asks me to advertise their reunion.

In an effort to unify the miscellaneous treatment, the Whipple Reunions site is now online at http://reunions.whipple.org. Maybe the new site can tame the reunions monster!

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