Monday, October 13, 2014

The New

Note, October 24, 2018: The web site is now the Whipple Database

A week or two ago I upgraded the experimental web site (note the leading "i" in the domain name). It is powered by version 10.0.2 of The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding (TNG). Before the upgrade, ran on version 8.

I'm feeling much more positive about TNG 10.0.2 that I did about version 8. Here are some of the changes--some of them provided by TNG itself, and others the result of custom configurations.

Home Page

I was never much of a fan of the old light blue theme. This version provides 14 templates to choose among. (The current template is number 14.) I included a photo of the interior of St. Mary's Church in Bocking, England, where brothers Matthew and John were baptized in the 1590s; they arrived in Ipswich, Massahusetts in 1638.


I never allowed myself the time to sufficiently tweak the maps on the Whipple Genweb ( Specifically, I never completed adjusting the zoom level to show all the locations of an individual's event places if they were far separated. On the site, when (for example) a person's birth and death places are on different sides of an ocean, the map zooms out to display both places.


I've always been a fan of TNG's reports. I occasionally receive email requests for pedigree, descent and family group charts. let's you print the reports yourself!

Example: Take Marmaduke Whipple. At the top of his page are tabs for "Individual," "Ancestors," "Descendants," "Relationship," "Timeline," and "Suggest."


Pedigrees and Descendancy Charts

Beneath most of the top tabs are several subtabs, including a PDF (Portable Document Format) tab. By clicking that link you can view an individual report, pedigree chart, or descendancy chart suitable for printing.

Family Group Sheets

Family group sheets aren't quite as obvious. In the case of Marmaduke, look for his parents, Ephraim and Priscilla. At the bottom of their section is a link that says "Group Sheet." Click on that link for a family group sheet with Ephraim and Priscilla as parents and Marmaduke as a child. (It has a PDF link similar to the individual, pedigree and descendancy charts above.)

For a family group with Marmaduke as father, click on the "Group Sheet" link beneath Wealthy's name.

(Note: Marmaduke and Wealthy both came from Whipple families: Marmaduke was a Rhode Island Whipple; Wealthy was an Ipswich Whipple.)


Relationship Calculator

The "Relationship" tab let's you compute the relationship(s) between two individuals. Many Whipples want to know their relationship to William Whipple, the signer of the Declaration of Independence from New Hampshire. The calculator will tell you how you are related--if you are related. (If it doesn't indicate that you're related, maybe a connection is missing somewhere?)



The "Timeline" tab is just that--a timeline of events in the family's life.

Other Features

At the bottom of the home page are links to other features, some of them not yet populated on


The Places link lists all places that appear in the database. You can click on them to display their location on Google Maps.

Dates and Anniversaries

For a given date, this page displays relatives that were born, christened, died, buried and married on a specified date. (If you don't specify the date, it defaults to today.)


The statistics page gives the number of individuals, males, females, ..., etc. of people in the database. It also lists the longest lived individuals. (Might some of their dates be wrong, I wonder?)

Not Yet Implemented/Populated Links

The following links remain to be meaningfully populated: What's New, Most Wanted, Notes, Photos, Histories, Documents, Videos, Recordings, All Media, Albums, Cemeteries, Headstones, Sources, Repositories.

Which should we work on next?

Do you have opinions on vs.

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