Saturday, August 27, 2011

Frank Whipple: Modern British Hero

Frank Whipple, East [London] End legend, passed away on Wednesday, August 24, 2011, at the age of 103. He died at the Royal London hospital. He was known in East London as a "campaigner, football fanatic and devoted family man." He was admired as the the U.K.'s oldest carer [caregiver] because of his dedication in taking care of his daughter Peggy, "born with severe special needs." Read the entire article in the East London Advertiser.

Frank was born in southern Ireland in about 1908, then moved with his family to east London in 1916. He is listed on the Whipple Website's "Disconnected Whipples" page. His son Harry is 72 years old. If any of you know how to contact him, it would be genealogically interesting to ask him to participate in a Y-Chromosome DNA test (in the unlikely event that he belongs to the haplogroup as any of the American Whipples. See the Whipple DNA blog). I wonder if he is related to Robert Eugene Whipple, in the Whipple Genweb at

We offer our condolences to Frank's children Harry and Peggy.

Frank is in the Whipple Genweb at

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Where is the Whipple Website Facebook Page?

Tired of trying to remember the URL of the Whipple Website Facebook page? Now it's easy: will redirect you there, as of this evening.

Good luck!

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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Photos from the July 10, 2011, Reunion at Jekyll Island, Georgia

Judging from the photos received from Bennett Whipple, it looks like the Georgia Whipples had a fun time at last month's reunion! (It was announced in this blog here and here.) Thank you, Bennett, for sharing! ( ... and for making us all wish that we could have been there ...)

Friday arrivals greet each other on the piazza at the Hampton Inn's pool: (l-r) Field Whipple, Milledgeville; Steve Whipple, Atlanta; Jean Michel and Laura (Whipple) Troussé, Canton, Ga.; Elli Frost and her grandmother, Jennifer (Whipple) Whiddon, Dublin, Ga.; Nona and Bennett Whipple, Big Canoe, Ga., and in the far background, Anne (Whipple) Alderman Murphey of Macon, the reunion organizer.

The photogenic Whipple girls from Milledgeville, daughters of Rhonda and Miles Dillard Whipple of Milledgeville, (l-r) Kellie, 8th grade, and Kaitlin, 12th grade, Georgia Military College Prep School, and Kristen, in her senior year at the University of Georgia.

The pool's the place to be for these Whipple cousins: (l-r) Nicholas Troussé, Mary Lynn Whipple, Madeleine Troussé, Penelope Abellera and Eli Abellera, having a camera-shy moment.

Saturday on the Beach (l-r) Cheryl Whipple, Katie Whipple, Nona Whipple, Fielding Alderman and Jean-Michel Troussé.

 The "Whipple Five" entertained Saturday night in the Hampton Lounge, with Guy Ingram on the trash can bongo, Steve Whipple, Colton Alderman, and Field Whipple on guitars, and Fielding Alderman on the Harmonica, one of twelve in his collection.

 Faithfully wearing his Bulldog cap, Ken Whidden, UGA defensive lineman on the 1966 Cotton Bowl team, with his wife Jennifer and their grandson Levi Scott Whiddon.

 Harriett Whipple visits with her daughter, Ann (Whipple) Taylor, and grandchildren, Josie (5) and Jackson (8) of Gray, Ga.

 The historic Jekyll Island Club Hotel, scene of the Sunday luncheon.

 Laura (Ingram) Lashley and Mark Lashley of Atlanta ran the registration table for the luncheon, assisting Jonathan Alderman, Macon, who helped with the arrangements.

The family gathered in the hotel's ballroom for the Sunday luncheon to celebrate Fielding's 89th birthday. From the left, Harriet and Fielding Whipple, Mel Gates Whipple of Vidalia, Ga., who celebrates her 100th birthday in September; Anne (Whipple) Murphey, Macon; and Nona and Bennett Whipple, Big Canoe, Ga.

The honoree, Fielding Dillard Whipple, Sr. stands with his son, Field, and wife Harriett seated at the table.

After the luncheon, most of the crowd squeezed onto the hotel's portico steps for the family's keepsake reunion picture. (Photo by Katie Whipple)