Saturday, April 9, 2011

Charles T. Whipple: Helping Japan's Tsunami Victims

As I've watched in disbelief the videos of the recent tsunami in Japan, I have wondered what I can do to help. Cars, boats, homes--all the worldly possessions of thousands of residents of the Tohoku region--seemed like toys in a bathtub or wading pool ... except that they were real.

Charles T. Whipple (a resident of Japan) contacted me this morning, offering to contribute the proceeds of his book A Matter of Tea to the tsunami victims. Please visit his blog and participate if you are able.

We extend our hopes and best wishes to the tsunami victims, and pray for their quick recovery.

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Inessa Stewart said...

The recent Tsunami in Japan has evoked touching feelings all over the world. The Japanese have been calm and composed despite the calamity and have maintained law and order during these times.
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