Monday, February 21, 2011

Benjamin Whipple and His Role in the Dakota Conflict of 1862

Blaine Whipple recently noted a set of web pages that include one page devoted to Bishop Henry Benjamin Whipple--first bishop of the Protestant Episcopal Church in Minnesota.  The Bishop's page is part of the Famous Trials web site by Douglas O. Linder (2011), University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC) School of Law.

A biographical page devoted to Bishop Whipple is entitled (simply) Bishop Henry Benjamin Whipple.

It is one of a set of Biographies of Key Participants in the Dakota Conflict Trials, which is part of a larger site of Famous American Trials: The Dakota Conflict Trials, 1862. Those trials resulted in the execution of thirty-eight Sioux--the largest mass execution in American history. "Only the unpopular intervention of President Lincoln saved 265 other Dakota" from a similar execution. Bishop Whipple was instrumental in petitioning President Lincoln to stop the killings.

The Dakota Conflict Trials of 1862 are part of a much larger Famous Trials web site.

Bishop Whipple is featured on the Whipple Website. You can find his genealogy is at He is definitely one of the "shining stars" among Whipple relatives!

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