Sunday, November 21, 2010

Connecting Another John Whipple

This weekend I was visiting some of the Whipple Website's Disconnected Whipples. (Occasionally I'll notice some clues that I might have overlooked previously, and find an obvious connection.) I considered a John Whipple, born 19 Feb 1791 in Schenectady county, New York.

I read what the original submitter of John's information indicated in 1999: "I believe he is the son of David and Johanna (Jones) Whipple but have nothing more than strong circumstantial evidence at this point."

A GEDCOM file submitted two years later showed John's father as David Whipple and John's brother as Joseph Whipple (born 27 Dec 1787 and married to Betsey Finch).

Then I noticed that volume 2 of Blaine Whipple's 15 Generations of Whipples, page G 234 (published 2007), confirms that David and Jo[h]anna Whipple had a son named Joseph who married Betsey Finch.

I looked for other supporting indicators:
  • John's second child (second daughter) was named Joanna, which would make her named after her grandmother.
  • John's oldest child was named Samuel, which would match Samuel's great and great-great grandfathers.
  • John's tenth child was named David, the same as John's father (is we accept this relationship.
Then I found a negative: John's birth date (19 Feb 1791) was only five months after Hiram's. It was, however, three years before his younger sibling Cyrus.

What to do? For now (at least), I decided to make the connection. I'm hoping that the birth year might have been remembered or computed incorrectly at the time of death, burial, or a census.

Feel free to offer your opinions about whether this was a good--or bad--idea. (Because the Whipple Genweb is an online database--not published in book form--I can correct it anytime in the future.) Am I being irresponsible? (Please be merciless!!)