Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Photos of Elizabeth Harriet (Whipple) Kerr

I recently received an email from a researcher in Wisconsin, who has two photographs of Elizabeth Harriet Whipple:
  1. Aged 4 mos., 7 days, June 1898, taken in Saginaw, Michigan
  2. Age 11 1/2 years, Aug 1909, taken in Marinette, Wisconsin
Here are excerpts from that email:
Recently I was given two photos and asked to see if I could find out if any of this person's descendants are living or anyone who would be interested in having these pictures. They are originals not prints.

From my research, I have confirmed that this individual is Elizabeth Harriet Whipple, daughter of Harry A. Whipple and Adelaide McMann, born 21 Feb 1898 in Saginaw, Michigan. She married David Clinton Kerr on 28 June 1924. She died suddenly in Marinette, Wisconsin on 24 Sept 1975.

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She continues by stating that the email address at the bottom of Elizabeth's page in the Whipple Genweb (http://whipple.org/49566) is no longer active, then asks:
Do you know of any other descendants from this family line who might be interested in these photos? If they can explain their connection to Elizabeth, I will gladly send them the photos by snail mail.

Just out of curiosity; did Elizabeth have relatives in Marinette From some of the clues, it seemed like she died unexpectedly while in Marinette, possibly while visiting. Also the fact that one of the childhood photos was taken in Marinette. ...

Any help would be appreciated. The woman who gave me the photos owns an auction business and said that normally they would sell them at auctions, but because the two were of the same person, she was hoping I could find the family they belong to.
If you are Elizabeth's descendant (or know of  one of her descendants), please contact:
Debra A. Batt
PO Box 250
Kewaskum, WI 53040

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