Monday, April 5, 2010

Historic Home Museum Status for the Whipple-Cullen Farmstead?

Charles M. Whipple, Jr. contacted the Whipple Website recently concerning the Job Whipple house in Lime Rock, Rhode Island. (The house appears in Charles' 2007 book entitled Captain John and Sarah Whipple: A Multigenerational Study of the First Whipple Family in America [Victoria, BC: Trafford], on page 137. The photograph above was submitted by Charles as part of a pre-publication draft of the book.)

[Note added September 6, 2010: You can purchase Charles' publication online from Trafford Publishing!]

The present owner, John Cullen, is a member of the historic preservation society known as Historic New England, which owns and preserves historic home museums. He writes:
I asked [the society] if they would consider accepting as a gift the Historic Whipple-Cullen Farmstead to add to their 40 some historic home museums. They indicated yes but would require a large (DOWRY) endowment to accept the gift.
I would like this very special property which is on the National Register of Historic Places to tell the Whipple/Cullen story FOREVER as a museum.
If you are interested in discussing how the extended Whipple Family and the Cullens can accomplish my DREAM, please e-mail me or call me on my cell 401-528-9157.
If any readers of this blog are interested in helping preserve the Whipple-Cullen Farmstead, please contact John Cullen directly.

The label marked "A" on the map below shows the location of the Whipple-Cullen House and Barn (GPS coordinates 41.930278, -71.441944). Click "View Larger Map" below for different views and for driving directions. (The house is across the street from the Lincoln Police Department.)

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