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Auction of Christopher Whipple-related Earthenware Jug, April 20, 2010

Collectors of Whipple memorabilia might be interested in an auction of an earthenware jug at Freeman's of Philadelphia on April 20, 2010. Here is the notice we received:
I would like to bring to your attention Lot 162 in Freeman's of Philadelphia upcoming April 20, 2010 Americana sale in which you or a member of your extended family may be interested. Lot 162 is an earthenware jug associated with the Brig Sukey and its captain, Christopher Whipple, Jr. The Brig Sukey was captured from the British by American privateers on January 15,1776, and brought to Newburyport, Ma. It was the ship on which news of the battle of Lexington and Concord had been carried to England in 1775. In 1804, it was captured from Americans by French privateers. Thus, the ship is connected to two military events in American history.

What may be of special interest to you is the fact that the master of the ship in 1804 was Lt. Christopher Whipple, Jr. I believe he was the son of the Christopher Whipple who, himself, was a renowned Rhode Island sea captain. I believe Christopher Whipple, Jr. died in 1807, as reported by the New York Post.

As to the earthenware jug, itself, it is decorated with a transfer print of a ship highlighted in polychrome and labeled "Brig Sukey" on one side; a transfer print of the American eagle and labeled "e pluribus unum" on the other side; and, "Christopher Whipple Junr." printed in a wreath under the spout. Lot 162 can be viewed at Freeman's auction site here.

If you have further interest, you can get more information about the auction at or you may contact Lynda Cain at 494-414-1237. I hope this has been of interest, if not helpful, in helping you and the Whipple family preserve Whipple family history.
Who is Christopher Whipple mentioned on the jug? He is mentioned in the book The French Assault on American Shipping, 1793-1813: A History and Comprehensive Record of Merchant Marine Losses (McFarland, 2009), on page 332. (You can read that page on Google Books.)

Christopher might be in the Whipple Genweb at, although our information is insufficient to identify him positively. (His father was named Christopher.) If this is the Christopher, he would have been about 31 years old in 1804, when the French recaptured the Sukey.

Christopher might also be the Captain Christopher Whipple listed at the top of Unidentified Whipple Deaths from the New York Post, 1801-1890, on the Whipple Website. According to that entry, he died 19 Sept 1807, at the age of 38, a native of Rhode Island.

If you can positively identify Christopher, please comment on this blog entry or email the webmaster.

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