Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sarah Whipple (b. 1701)

This morning I received the following email from Dave Tower, Past President and Genealogist, Tower Genealogical Society. (The Whipples and Towers intermarried extensively in colonial--and later--Rhode Island).

Have you ever seen or heard of a reference that dicusses the obvious contradiction of facts for the following: (abbreviated references)

A. Sarah Whipple married Isaac Bucklin in Rehoboth, MA 8 March 1721/22. They had 5 children born between January 1723 and August 1742
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  2. Vital Record of Attleborough, Massachusetts
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  4. p. 65, VR 2-136, Rehoboth Marriages
  5. Bucklin Society Website
B. Sarah Whipple married Jonathan Salisbury 29 August 1725 in Providence RI. They had 9 children born between April 1721 and November 1739. She then married Obadiah Ballou 26 December 1740. They had three children born January 1741 to July 1747.
  1. New England Families Third series, vol. IV, p. 2285
  2. Vital Record of Rhode Island, 1636-1850 vol. 2, pp. 163 & 198, VR 1-45, Providence Marriages
  3. An Elaborate History and Genealogy of the Ballous in America

Obviously the two Sarahs above can not be the same person. However from all the records she is supposed to be...

Sarah Whipple (4) born 26 December 1701 in Attleboro, MA, The Daughter of Israel Whipple and Mary Wilmarth. [Israel 3, David Married to Hannah Tower 2, John 1)
  1. New England Historical And Genealogical Register, Volume XXXII, 1878, Page 406
  2. A History of the Descendants of EDWARD BOSWORTH who arrived in America in the year 1634 page 147
  3. Vital Record of Attleborough, Massachusetts
If I can ever be of help with Tower questions please feel free to contact me.

I haven't yet responded to Dave. (I will as soon as I finish this blog entry.) Unfortunately, the Whipple Genweb is full of entries similar to this one. (If you follow the links above, be sure to scroll to the bottom of each person's page in the Whipple Genweb to see my sources--in some cases additional sources not given above are cited.)

If there are two separate Sarah's (and there must be, because they were both bearing children during the same time interval), who are the parents of the Sarah that isn't the daughter of Israel Whipple and Mary Wilmarth? If you figure this one out, please comment on this blog!

One possibility we shouldn't overlook: Could "Whipple" be the married name of one of the Sarahs? (If so, she couldn't have been married long to a first husband--named Whipple--before the first husband died ...) Might a first husband have died in an accident or been lost at sea?

When I encountered the Sarah who married Isaac Bucklin last year (when going through the 2009 publication entitled The Arnold Family of Smithfield, Rhode Island by Richard H. Benson (Boston: Newbury Street Press), p. 163), I initially considered merging the two Sarahs ... but didn't (and won't).

Any ideas or suggestions?

Weldon Whipple, Webmaster

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