Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Whipples of Ipswich and Its Hamlet

The Whipples of Ipswich and Its Hamlet / as written and compiled by Raymond A. Whipple Jr. -- 2d ed. -- Beverly, MA : Minuteman Press, c2009. -- 72 p. : ill. (some col.), coats of arms, facsimiles, genealogical tables, maps ; 28 cm. -- ISBN 978-1-60402-000-7.

Yesterday I received my copy of a brand new Whipple Genealogy about the Whipples of Ipswich, Massachusetts. This isn't just any book on the Ipswich Whipples. I can think of at least two things that set it apart from other Whipple genealogies:
  1. The book focuses entirely on Whipples who have been born and died in Ipswich and the town of Hamilton (incorporated from Ipswich hamlet in 1793). (Exceptions are made for the English ancestors of Matthew and John, the earliest known Whipples with "connections" to U.S. Whipples. Additionally, two descendancy charts--on a single short page--show the Ipswich Whipple ancestry of two U.S. presidents, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and John Calvin Coolidge.)
  2. The book's author, 72-year-old Raymond "Ray" Whipple, is the youngest of the three remaining male Whipples still living in Ipswich. (The others are Alvin Whipple--Ray's 79-year-old brother--and David Whipple--Ray's 73-year-0ld cousin.) In an email Ray sent me earlier, he noted that the 2001 birth of his grandson in Montana marked the first time in 363 years that a child in his line had been born more than ten miles from where the [Ipswich] Whipples first settled in 1638! Eleven generations of Ray's Whipple ancestors lived in Ipswich (including Hamilton), starting with Matthew Whipple, who settled in Ipswich in 1638!
The table of contents gives a flavor of the book:
  1. The Author's Lineage
  2. The Grant
  3. The Early Years (1475-1638)
  4. The First Three Generations (1638-1750)
  5. The Next One-Hundred & Fifty Years (1750-1900)
  6. The Twentieth Century (1900-2000)
  7. The Church
  8. The Schools
  9. The Military
  10. Community Service
  11. The Presidential Connection
  12. Whipple Marrying Whipple
  13. The Family Clock
  14. The Land
  15. The Cemetery
  16. Bibliography
You can purchase your own copy of the book from the author for $26.00 ($23.00 + $3.00 shipping). Mail your request to:
Raymond Whipple
49 Mill Street
South Hamilton, MA 01982
As I have time to go through the book more, I will post additional observations. Thank you Ray, and congratulations on your new book!!


Whipple said...

I am very interested in this book.. I am the owner of the Whipple company store in fayette county WV. (mathews line.) I would like to see if you have this line to further the research here in the musuem.. thank you

Blogger said...

We have many generations of Matthew's descendants in the Whipple Genweb. Check out

Also check out for 10 generations of Matthew's descendants.

You might also want to visit to look for specific Whipples. If you know of Whipples that I don't know about, please let me know.!

Good luck!

Weldon Whipple

shannon whipple said...

Hello my family tree goes back to John Whipple the elder born of bockington england. i beleive I have a panflet from Raymond Whipple saying he was writing this book asking if we had any info Im glad to see he did do it and i cant wait to get a copy.

Tham said...

This is very interesting, I might need to buy this book! I'm 99% sure Matthew is one of my ancestors so this is cool to find out about the book. :)

The Biehler's said...

Hello, We have been researching our Whipple anscestors and wondered if the book is still available. Thank you!

Karen Biehler

Blogger said...

The book was still available last year (2010). If you want one, you probably ought to act fast.

Good luck!