Friday, September 25, 2009

More Whipples on the Web

Blaine Whipple has been actively searching for Whipples on the Web. Here are two of his latest:

In York, England (photo included), students can refuse vaccinations:
Deborah Whipple and her daughter, Kate, review a letter sent to parents of Grade 7 students in the York Region District School Board about hepatitis B and meningitis vaccinations, stating children have the choice to receive or refuse the vaccine, regardless of age or parental wishes.
Improvement in Devices to Aid in Ironing Clothes:

In 1872, Waterford, CT, resident Charles S. Whipple patented a device to aid in ironing clothes. (Photo included). (Note: The Whipple Genweb has five Charles S. Whipples, any of whom might have been the Charles mentioned here. Does anyone have an idea of who this Charles is?)

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