Thursday, September 10, 2009

Henry Whipple School, Nottingham, England

Blaine Whipple just sent me a news item about the Henry Whipple School in Nottingham, which is set to be redeveloped. Who is this Henry Whipple?

I entered his name in the Whipple Genweb search page at Realizing in advance that I wanted to search only Henry Whipple's in England, I entered "England" in the "All Placed (combined)" field. The result was six Whipples named Henry (there was a seventh, but Henry was his middle name):
  1. Henry H. Whipple (ABT 1822 - ____) (
  2. Henry Whipple (ABT 1510 - 31 Mar 1585) (
  3. Henry Whipple (CHR 8 Apr 1576 - 9 Jul 1576) (
  4. Henry Whipple (CHR 21 Jul 1580 - ____) (
  5. Henry Whipple (ABT 1838 - ____) (
  6. Henry Whipple (ABT 1910 - ABT 1985) (
Yes, the Whipple Genweb does have some British Whipples. If you scroll to the bottom of each individual's page, you can see the information sources--some of them better than others.

Feel free to e-mail the Webmaster (that would be me) if you have any insight into Whipples in England--or any place, for that matter.

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