Monday, August 31, 2009

Whipple Cave, Nevada

Blaine Whipple reports a blogger who has chronicled his experiences at Whipple Cave in the Egan Mountains of Nevada. I haven't had time to research the cave, but I can't help but wonder if the cave's name might have something to do with Amiel Weeks Whipple, the military engineer and explorer who (among other things) led an 1853 expedition in search for a railroad route near the 35th parallel of latitude to the Pacific Ocean.

If you know more about the cave and the origins of its name, feel free to comment!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Johnny Whipple Brick at the Utah Shakespearean Festival

Yesterday we saw Noel Coward's 1930 play entitled Private Lives at the Utah Shakespearean Festival in Cedar City. As we left the Randall L. Jones Theatre following the performance, I spied this brick in the pavement:
I also noticed the bio and photo of another Whipple--Jennifer--in a this year's commemorative book. (Was that Jennifer Whipple who identified herself as "Jennifer" in the green show before the evening performance of Shakespeare's Comedy of Errors?)

I haven't yet managed to identify any of the Whipples there. Maybe they are related to the Whipples in nearby Las Vegas?

(P.S. Both Private Lives and Comedy of Errors were fantastic!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Photo of Ida Whipple, 1885, Albion, NY

Yesterday I received the following photo (front and back) from a librarian in Monroe, Louisiana. The back of the photo idetifies her as Ida Whipple. It was taken in Albion New York in 1885. Albion is about 37 miles west of Rochester, NY, in Orleans County (adjacent to Rochester's Monroe County).The Whipple Genweb has about 45 Whipples named Ida. Of those known to have a New York Connection, three might be the Ida in the photograph. (The others shouldn't all be eliminated, however.) Here are three possibilities:
  1. Ida I. Whipple (, b. 1868, possibly Mansfield, Cattaraugus, New York, d. 1937 and buried in Maple Hill Cemetery, East Randolph, Cattaraugus, New York. She would have been about 17 years old in the photo. (East Randolph is about 114 miles SSW of Albion. It is nearly due south of Buffalo. Cattaraugus County borders Pennsylvania, which lies to its south. Cattaraugus County is adjacent to Chautauqua County (New York's western-most county).
  2. Ida May Whipple (, b. 1869, probably in Cambridge, Washington, New York. She would have been 16 years old in 1885. (Cambridge is about 300 miles east of Albion. It is also about 38 miles northeast of Albany, the state capital. Washington County is in eastern New York, where it borders Vermont.
  3. Ida Whipple (, b. 1857, in New York. She would have been 28 years old in 1885.
Two additional possible candidates became Ida Whipple when they married:
  1. Ida B. Howe (, b. 26 Apr 1853 in New York, married Guilford L. Whipple. She would have been about 32 in 1885.
  2. Ida S. Wells (, b. 27 Sep 1857 in Eagle, Wyoming County, New York, married William E. Whipple 26 Sep 1878 in Pike, Wyoming County, New York. She died sometime after the 1920 census of Perry, Wyoming County, New York. She would have been about 28 years old in 1885. (Wyoming County is two counties south of Albion. Genesee County separates Wyoming County from Orleans County. Albion and Pike are about 50 miles apart.)
To search for Ida yourself, visit and type "Ida Whipple" in the field labeled "Person to search for." To limit the search to individuals known to have lived in New York, type "New York" in the field labeled "All places (combined)." (Note, that by typing the place, you will miss anyone named Ida Whipple whose place of birth, death (etc.) is unknown.)

To search for Ida who married a Whipple, type "Ida" in the "Person to search for" field. Type "Whipple" in the "Spouse(s)'s name(s)" field.

(Hint: Ida is sometimes spelled Idah. You might want to try clicking the "Calculate Soundex for person" checkbox beneath the "Person to search for" field. Alternately, try separate searches using the spelling "Idah".)

Please comment if you can identify Ida!