Saturday, June 20, 2009

Tweets about the Whipple Website

When I signed up for Twitter several months ago, I was clueless about what I could ever do with it. (Hmmm... maybe I'm clueless now as well.)

Then I heard on the radio that Iranian dissidents were using it to communicate among themselves. This evening my son mentioned that he has to send a "Tweet" to his flight instructor every time he returns from a solo airplane flight.

Suddenly I had an idea about using Twitter for the Whipple Website. The Whipple Website has a "Recent Changes of Note" page that I update occasionally (interpretation: hardly ever)--far less frequently than I actually make changes to the Whipple Website. It's just too time-consuming to update that page. (Well, I will probably continue to post very major changes there.)

Here is the idea: I will post Tweets whenever I regenerate the WhippleGenWeb or make some other notable modification to the database. We'll see how it goes. If you want to follow me on Twitter, visit [Note: on July 3 it changed to] Sign up for Twitter if you haven't already, then start following me.

We'll see how it goes. By the way, there are many guides to Twitter on the Internet. One that might be helpful is this "Newbie's Guide to Twitter."

I just sent me first tweet about the WhippleGenWeb, announcing that I just started a job to regenerate the WhippleGenWeb, and that it should be finished by tomorrow. If I remember, I will Tweet as soon as it comes online.


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